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2013…what a year of cycling highs and lows.  This season was certainly a test to go beyond what is known of my body, mind and soul.

Cross-fit: The year started out with me getting back into the cross-fit gym and finding out how the wrist was going to handle the rigors of weights, body movements and flexibility required to successfully navigate the daily workouts of cross-fit. I soon found out the wrist was not going to like what was in store. So despite knowing this I kept going to class and always had to make adjustments in many workouts.  But unfortunately to my dismay I had to put cross-fit to the side and focus on riding bikes

Randonneuring: Winter Training Series, Escape from Seattle 200k, Bakery to Brewery 200k, Olympia 300k, Bahn Mi 300k  Bellingham 400k, Watery Olympic 600k.  These events earned the award of Super Randonneur this year….very proud of that!!

Mountain Bike Racing: Beezly Burn, Whiskey 50, Stotty 60, 24 Hrs of Round and Round, High Cascades 100, Cascade Cream Puff….awesome good times

Gravel Grinding: Wow! We are pretty lucky in the PNW.  There are so many gravel roads that have not been explored and it’s high on my late summer list of to-do’s again in 2014.

Cyclocross: I think helping out at every MFG cyclocross race event was the most rewarding thing I’ve done in cyclocross since I’ve been racing cross. I got to meet some great new people, really got a better understanding of the scale MFG and how passionate Zac, Terry and Rich are about providing the best racing experience possible for all ages, genders and skill levels.

2014: Let’s just say it’s gonna be busy. I will be more diligent in posting content and pictures of my adventures this coming year!

Happy New Year everyone!!