The first day of 2013 started out on the right track with a short ride to Seward Park today.


Stopping at the University Bridge (pic above) to take in some fresh cold air on this sunshiney day really got me excited about all of the events on tap this year.

Having a forced layoff last year from mtb racing has me excited racing with my new team (to be named soon) in a number of races in the BuDu Series, NW Epic Series and the Fat Tire Revolution Series throughout the season. Each of these series provide great opportunities to ride some sweet single track throughout the state.

Plus my new found favorite discipline of cycling, Randoneering, will have me pushing my endurance limits by riding some 200k, 300k, 400k and 600k events this year. Last year was a great intro to some beautiful places and roads I’ve never been to. Seattle International Randoneers do a great job providing fun and well supported events.

Anyways…keep the rubberside down and have a great 2013!