This was day 2 of a double weekend of racing for me.  Since the weekend started out with lots of sand and running the day before I figured might as well continue the theme.  The fine folks at MFG Cyclocross did a great job as usual by preparing a super fast course with the maximum amount of sand running one could hope for. I’m racing 1/2 masters 45+ in this series and have soon realized I might be in over my head a bit.  But I will not be dismayed by the quickness of the guys in my group.  Hopefully every weekend I will become stronger and faster to finally place myself in the middle of the group for results.  Anyways, race gun goes off at 1:20pm and it’s 60 minutes of pain and agony, this photo from Dennis Crane Photography illustrates how I felt that day. I was feeling great the first lap, positioned my self in the middle of the group before sand section with hopes to minimize the damage of running…..but nope…shit got real then. Those skinny legged running types took off like gazelles being chased in the wild. Meanwhile I’m left me for dead in the sands of Lake Sammamish hoping the lions don’t eat me.  Anyways…I tick off the laps and the running of the sands each time just trying to focus on finishing strong and finding the positives from this race.  Despite my poor performance I’m still happy with how things are going.  It’s early in the season and many races are to come….I will eventually find the speed in  my legs and the determination to push harder to be a factor in the races.
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Next event will be Cascade Cross in wonderful Bellingham, WA

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