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Up Next: Carson City Off-Road presented by Epic Rides

Adventure continues this weekend with the Carson City Off-Road presented by Epic Rides.  My experience with Epic Rides promotions group, The Whiskey 50 mtb race, has been nothing short of phenomenal. They really know how to put on a bike race and throw a party to boot!!

Here is a preview of the 50 miler course profile.  As a rider coming from the Pacific Northwest, this is going to hurt riding up to almost 9,000′ in elevation before plummeting down back to the start/finish.


Look for pictures on Instagram,  random tweets throughout the weekend and then my final thoughts on the course and event next week here!!


DK 200….some thoughts.

A week has passed and I wanted to post my final thoughts on DK200 2016.

What a journey it has been…and keep in mind this journey started 3 yrs ago when I said “Hey that looks like fun”, fun….Yeah, sure at times….other times it was mostly wtf am I doing.

2014 was an eye opener….I was truely humbled by the difficulty of the race. Hardest event I’ve ever done… physically, mentally, emotionally…all draining.

2015, I make a commitment to train better, stay focused and have a good result and better experience then previous year. Reality…I was fit, but I was fat…doesn’t work for success at dk200…coupled with the mechanical issues due to inclement weather I was doomed. Lesson learned. Get fit. less fat..cross fingers for good weather in 2016.

2016, I set lofty goals for age group podium and to finish before the sunset (8:43pm). To achieve this it required intense focus on the things I HAD to improve in. Weight loss, flexibilty, higher level of intense workouts, racing more leading up to the event and changing old habits…! That’s alot of change in 5 months….I feel like I accomplished all of these training goals and more. The last thing I needed was a clean run on race day. No one can plan for the things you can’t control, weather in particular. Early morning rain created some unexpected havoc for many…just something we all had to deal with. Thankfully I was able to minimize the issues to a degree. In the end I am content with my result. I am certainly going back next year to once again get closer to the podium and finish before sunset.

With that said, I wanted to extend thanks to EVERYONE that supported me throughout this journey. The list of supporters is long, but you know who you are and I am deeply grateful for your support which has made me a better athlete and person.

Till next year!


2016 DK200 Done and Dusted
2016 DK200, Just before getting to shake Jim Cummings hand, something he does with every finisher
2016 DK200 Whew
DK 200 2016 Time to rest a bit
2016 Salsa Expo, picture from 2014…Fatty McFat there in the pic
2016 DK200 after finish
2015 DK200 when shit went sideways

Hello 2014


Well it’s the New Year and it’s time to get at the training.  I originally planned to do a 100k permanent today with SIR but to my dismay the alarm was not set…so that left me with a nice solo ride around the southend of Lake Washington with cozy temps and overcast sky.

The remainder of the month is going to be busy. The Winter Training Series (WTS) presented by SIR starts the 11th of this month….hopefully the weather will be better than last year in Jan. I’m really  looking forward to what this year will bring. Many events scheduled, distances I’ve never ridden and some new explorations ahead with some good friends. 

Happy New Year to everyone, be safe and keep the rubber side down!


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